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Media Week's review of 'How Magazine Advertising Works'

Review of ‘How Magazine Advertising Works’ in Media Week, 15-22 November 2005:

“First released ten years ago, this updated version of Guy Consterdine’s in-depth guide to the ins and outs of consumer magazine advertising incorporates new research and learnings, providing essential information for anyone involved in media planning.

“This bible of research and best practice sets out to demonstrate the effectiveness of magazine advertising, and Consterdine presents his case by taking readers on a step-by-step guide through many research studies undertaken to uncover the huge benefits of magazine advertising.

“How Magazine Advertising Works is very meticulous and sets out everything you could possibly need to know. Despite being text heavy and punctuated by illustrative graphs and tables, every word is informative and of undoubted use for any modern media planner. By comparing magazines to other media, you get a solid idea of different channels’ strengths and how the consumer interacts with, and expects different things from, each one.

“Consterdine backs his claims with examples and evidence from the industry, and leaves readers in no doubt about the effectiveness of magazine advertising. It is a highly practical read for anyone working in media planning.”
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