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Mr Magazine Research strikes again: Toronto, May 2006

Rachel Adams, FIPP, writes [on FIPP website]:

Over 250 attendees assembled at the Isabelle Bader Theatre in Toronto, Canada, to hear FIPP research consultant Guy Consterdine, one of the world’s top magazine research gurus, review a range of landmark studies, proving how magazine advertising contributes to positive results for advertisers.

Guy focused on the power of reader engagement, the media multiplier phenomenon and drivers affecting overall message communication, sales performance and return on investment (ROI).

As a highlight, the presentation reviewed Return to Spender, an ROI study nominated by Mediaweek magazine as one of the best research projects of 2005, once again proving the significant impact and efficiency of magazine advertising.

England-based Guy Consterdine is a successful author and speaker on the world stage, and was described by Magazines Canada as 'Mr Magazine Research'. He writes a regular column in FIPP's Magazine World and has written several books as well as over 200 articles for journal publication.

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