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The readers-per-copy problem in 2008

A PowerPoint Presentation may be downloaded without charge.  It is a ppt file of 1108kb and requires PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer.  Click here to download the presentation.

This presentation delivered at the FIPP Research Forum, Budapest on 19 March 2008, was created by Guy Consterdine and Katherine Page (NRS Technical Consultant). It summarises two major UK studies of the variations in readers-per-copy, and lists 23 reasons why readers-per-copy may be expected to vary from time to time. The presentation also reviews the current debate about whether readers-per-copy should be 'smoothed' in order to bring short-term readership trends more into line with short-term circulation trends. The conclusion rejects smoothing.

A summary of Guy Consterdine's 1993 analysis is given in a separate article on this website.
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