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'Proof Of Performance - Making the case for magazine media' (2012)

The full report may be downloaded without charge.  It is a pdf file of 88kb and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click here to download the report.

The file downloadable above is the Executive Summary, not the complete book. An interactive version of the whole book may be downloaded for free from the FIPP website at; it is a very large file. Alternatively a pdf (14MB) may be downloaded for free from DropBox: go to The book's chapter headings are: 1. Consumers’ use of print; 2. Impact of advertisements in print; 3. Creative formats for print advertising; 4. Consumers’ use of digital formats; 5. Impact of ads in digital formats; 6. Comparing magazines and other media; 7. Campaign effectiveness: magazine media on their own; 8. Campaign effectiveness: magazines in multi-media campaigns; 9. Using econometric models to assess media effectiveness.
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